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NARCOTIC Indica Dominance Very Heavy on the eyelids felt immediately upon exhalation some sativa attributes BUT mainly a felt throughout the body



What Is Master Kush?

This kush is often referred to as the “ultimately balanced bud. If you are hoping to get the average sedative benefits, then Master Kush may be for you. It has some unusual effects that will make your creativity soaring and your senses sharpening. 

Bred by the geniuses over at Dutch White Label Seed Company, once named “High Rise” after the building in which it was created, is an amazing cross between two popular strains of the Hindu Kush region. Even though its exact origins are not known, many believe it to be a descendant of the delicious strains; Hindu Kush and Skunk #1!

Having won multiple awards over the years, winning the Cannabis Cup in 1992 and then again the next year, the world continues to go mad for this magnificent bud.  Snoop Dog is one of the big names that have helped grow the plant’s popularity, and he has brought out his line of bud, using this Kush as the main ingredient!

Great for medicinal use thanks to its high THC levels that are usually between 21-25%, patients and recreational users reach for Master Kush for its sensational physical relaxation and inspiring mental high.

Master Kush Flavor, Appearance, Aroma

M Kush is truly beautiful, with deep green compact leaves, and short stems with intertwining orange pistils,  frosted with white trichomes, it is a sight to behold for any stoner. The buds of this kush are a lighter green and super dense, emitting a pungent must scent.

Often described to have a ‘vintage’ flavor, Master Kush has an earthy scent but has pleasant undertones of floral notes similar to incense. The aroma is strong and once buds are broken up can take on a citrus smell.

Master Kush is a delight to behold, just close your eyes and let your senses go wild for the deep earthy aroma and pine-like flavor that lingers with undertones of lemon and subtle oak. It is not too overbearing and is an excellent option for those who prefer a less harsh bud.


Buying Master Kush Online

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